It Was So Worth It
“I was tired of just going to the grocery store and seeing something I wanted and not being able to get it,” says Peggy Hightower, a former Registered Nurse and single mom who earned $32,000 a year when she first heard about the Primerica opportunity.  “My dad said go to college, get a good education and a good job, go in early and be the last one there and you’ll get promoted.  I did everything right.  I had a title so long it could barely fit on my nametag.  Yet at the grocery store checkout line, they didn’t care about my title.  You do all the things your parents tell you to do and that the system requires.  I did them, and I was not able to do basic things,” she recalls.

“My neighbor changed my life insurance policy and invited me to an opportunity night.  I was at the end of my rope.  In 90 days I quit my job, and in six months I went RVP.  People were so friendly to me, I couldn’t believe they were making $100,000 a year.  When I started, everybody said, ‘You’ve lost your mind.’  I was determined to show them it was for real.” 

Today, Peggy’s Primerica business earns her and her family $449,472.*  “Lots of people say they’d like to take a chance and do something different, but when presented with the opportunity, how many people really take it?  Thank God I did.”

Single Moms Can Do This
“This is an awesome place for single women raising children,” says Peggy.  “There’s so much freedom here.  Everybody embraces you where you are.  They want to help you grow, not pull you down.  Some team members have started a group called M-O-M, ‘Moms on a Mission.’  They get together as a cooperative and help each other with children.  My oldest daughter now speaks about how much strength she got by seeing her mom grow in those early years.  It was so worth it.  I don’t just think this is a great opportunity – I think it’s the ONLY opportunity.  We’re the best thing out there.”

Like many Primerica reps, Peggy has a positive energy that is contagious.  “What a difference it makes to step out and grab hold of your goals and dreams.  As we go through school and meet people who choose not to embrace their goals and dreams, we shrink our goals and dreams to fit the mold the system put us in.  Primerica is a place where you can reach back to your goals and dreams and there’s always somebody to help you.  Now I get to work with my husband, who has joined me in the business, and we bring our grandkids with us to work.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

*As of June 2013. From January 1 through December 31, 2012, Primerica paid a total of $509,227,049 in compensation to its sales force, at an average of $5,513 per life licensed representative. Actual gross cash flow is, among other factors, dependent upon the size and scale of a representative’s organization, the number of sales and the override spread on each sale, and the ability and efforts of a representative and their downlines. Having said this, Primerica provides an opportunity for individuals who work hard to develop a business with unlimited income potential.